Energized Seals


This type of seals, thanks to their high performance, they are suitable to be used in various fields, such as pneumatic and hydraulic systems for the aircraft industry, sitemi refrigerants, cryogenic joints, Diesel engines, flange connections, for calibration in the petrochemical, pumps , robotics, rotary joints, valves, and control systems.

Characteristics and properties

The SES energized seals – are precision components obtained by means of the latest generation of CNC machines. Their particular profile, “U” uses the pressure of the system to expand and thus increase the surface charge that provides the seal. They can be realized both in the front and radial version, so for static and dynamic seals, and the springs or “expanders” metal, located inside the seal create the initial thrust needed to activate the tightness of the seal. On the basis of the different applications, they can be supplied “expanding” type “V”, which allow a wider elastic deformation range than that of an O-ring of equal section and of type “Ω” (metal spiral), able to develop higher loads, suitable for cryogenic applications. They can be provided both in the most diverse materials such as SS301 – SS302 – SS316 – Elgiloy® – Hastelloy® – Inconel. The correct choice of “expanding” is therefore a very important step, as well as the choice of various types of constituents gasket materials, such as PTFE PTFE- Uploaded – 3M®- Dyneon® – TFM® – HPP. These seals are designed to operate in a range from cryogenic temperatures of -270 ° C. at temperatures sometimes exceeding 300 ° C. They are made from diameters of a few mm. up to 2 mt.

H helicoil spring type - Gasket Italy

H-Helicoil spring type

Radial and face type seal from 1/16 up to 1/2 inch

U spring type - Gasket Italy

U-Spring type

Radial and face type seal from 1/16 up to 1/2 inch

V Spring Type - Gasket Italy

V-Spring type

Radial and face type seal from 1/16 up to 1/2 inch

W Spring Type

W-Spring type

Face type seal only from 3/32 up to 1/2 inch

Enerspring Ω (spiral))

Develop high loads suitable for criogenics applications.

Guarnizioni energizzate - Gasket Italy

Enerspring “V”

Allow a deformation in the elastic range Wider than that applicable to an O-Ring of the same section.

Prodotto Guarnizioni Energizzate - Gasket Italy

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