Metal-Rubber Gaskets


They are used in various fields such as steel mills, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical, chemical and power plants and are used in the presence of water and almost all types of gas. Thanks to their particular structure, they are able to compensate for irregularities and the non-perfect alignment of the flanges even with the minimum tightening and also allowing less wear on the sealing surfaces of the flanges themselves.

Characteristics and properties

Are made by a process of vulcanization of rubber, of a metal ring plane, obtained by a blanking process, thus ensuring a perfect insulation of the ring, preventing the separation when used in extreme conditions. The presence of the ring inside, increases, the pressure resistance and can be used to produce various types of metal, as well as various types of rubber, vulcanized to produce the casing, and can be produced in turn in different types of profiles as we will see later. ROTT ASTM / ASME code

Type G-ST 1


Type G-ST 2

Combines two types of advantages how G-ST 1 and O-ring


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